John D McMahon Creative Director
‚ÄčAll Purpose Hands-On Creative to Capture Top of Mind Real Estate

Artist / Illustrator
Sketch of Anne Rice's house in the Garden District of New Orleans. Her husband, the poet Stan Rice had just passed away days before.
Pen and Ink Drawing using cross-hatch technique.
Generals Beauregard and Buell confer on the battlefield during the first day of the Battle of Shiloh.
General Johnston reals back on his horse after being shot in the leg. The wound, which could have been treated, would prove fatal. Johnston had sent his personal physician to help some other wounded soldiers.
The night before the Battle of Chicamaugua, Confederate soldiers run into a Union checkpoint. Because of the night, they are able to hide their identities.
General Buell leads a meeting to discuss strategies. The blank area behind him was to be an interactive map.
Painting of a live model (a 2 hour study).
One of 3 concepts for the Headless Father character in Hitoshi Inoue's STONES - a horror fantasy.
A pre-production sketch for the feature film PANDORA'S YACHT.
Illustration for the children's story THE 5 BUTTERFLY SISTERS
Ai Hanmi Katatetori Shihonage
Gyaku Hanmi Katatetori
Katatetori Ikkiyo